Why Advertising Agencies Had to Join the World Wide Web

internet marketingAdvertising has long been a lucrative method of generating interest in a company’s products and services, and it has been evolving since the first print ad came out in the 1700s. Since then, sponsored publicity events, radio ads and television commercials have all proven to be effective marketing strategies that have led to many companies successfully leveraging their brands. Yet, marketing has recently undergone another evolution as advertising agencies have begun to realize the importance of utilizing the opportunities that exist online for reaching their target audience.

Authoritative Branding

Today’s savvy consumer knows that they have many options to find what they need, and they like to be informed regarding the products they purchase and the companies that make them. While a print ad may attract attention, it does little to bring the company to life and only so many details can be put on a page. For this reason, advertising agencies work with the companies they promote to establish online authority in the marketplace. Company stories, well-written press releases and blog articles all provide a way to provide information to interested consumers with subtle advertising that generates sales.

Targeted Marketing Options

Snail mail print ad campaigns, radio blurbs and late night commercials were all effective advertising methods in some ways. However, many companies wasted thousands of dollars advertising to people who were not part of their target audience. After all, a brochure from a car company would just be thrown away from families who already had a new vehicle. Now, however, advertising agencies can take advantage of analytics that allow them to directly market to a specific area or demographic. For example, placing an ad for baby gear on a parenting website is guaranteed to put products in front of the people who are most likely to make a purchase.

Global Campaign Expansion

One of the biggest disadvantages of past advertising techniques is that they could only reach a limited amount of people. Yet, there was a time when a nationally televised commercial had the highest outreach potential. Now, advertising agencies can launch global campaigns that introduce their products and services to potential customers throughout the world. This global approach to advertising also makes it important for agencies to tailor their strategies to reach a larger, more diverse audience.

Redefined Bandwagon

Early advertising on the World Wide Web tended to be done through banner ads and pop ups that eventually began to annoy consumers. Once social media hit the scene, however, agencies began to realize the benefits of using personal experiences to sell their products. The bandwagon approach has been used for years in advertising, yet involving people a potential consumer already has a relationship with can bolster its effectiveness. Through strategic blog posts, reviews, videos and social media posts, shareable content is the future of advertising online.

Agencies have always been forced to stay on the leading edge when it comes to developing innovative marketing campaigns. Yet, the Internet has led do an increasing amount of reasons why it is critical to launch advertising campaigns online. From reaching a more diverse audience to driving sales with personal experiences, online advertising can dramatically increase a company’s visibility.