The Most Important Factors in a New Website

important factors in new websiteCreating a successful website requires a lot of planning and a good sense of aesthetics. Websites must be user-friendly and welcoming to ensure that a visitor remains captivated by the content and layout instead of exiting the site because of difficulty to use, a boring or unprofessional look, or simply lack of information. The person designing a website must ensure incorporation of all the factors which make a site attractive. The impression you generate when people are browsing through your site can lead to a successful visit. However, if not established strategically, your site will encourage a quick exit and a click on your competitor’s site. When developing a new website, there are many factors that you should look into. These include the following:

Domain Name and URL

Many people do not comprehend the importance of choosing an appropriate domain name in order to improve their search engine rankings. For example, if you have a mobile website, your strategy should be to choose a URL like “” as compared to “”.  Having meaningful keywords in your URL can play an important factor in your rankings.


Nothing is worse than a site that makes you have to work for the information you want. User-friendliness is the key to ensuring how long a visitor stays. If potential customers cannot easily find what they are looking for on your website, they will not think twice before moving on to the next one. Navigation should be smooth, understandable and quick


While designing the layout for your website it is very important to analyze how customers will proceed through the site. Everything must be clear, concise and easily accessible. On average, a user takes 8-seconds to decide whether or not he wants to stay on the site. That’s not a lot of time to impress someone! If people do not find what they need during that time…they will leave and go elsewhere.


When determining the content of a website two things must be taken into consideration. One being what the customer wants to see and the other being content optimized with important keywords for search engines and also must be interesting and captivating enough to keep visitors onboard.


A good color scheme is the “cherry on top” when creating a website. Colors can, in less than a second, give off the exact kind of impression you wish to give to people. However, too much color can make it look busy and unwelcoming.  Just the right amount means having no more than three to four colors.

Call to action

There are many methods to transform visitors into potential customers. These include having, for example, attractive buttons reading “start your free trial”, “download now”, “register yourself free”, or “fill out this form”. Engaging visitors is the ultimate goal for the website you develop.

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