How a Recruiting Firm Uses the Internet to Find New Leads

search engine optimizationRecruiting firm tactics have changed with the influence of technology, and those who are not utilizing the Internet to its full potential are missing out on valuable opportunities. Today, it is more important than ever for a recruiting firm to be accessible online to both their customers and potential candidates. For the best chances of successful lead generation, smart recruiting firms are using these online strategies simultaneously to encourage interaction with their target audience.

Website Optimization

A recruiting firm’s home page is its store front, and users will quickly click away from one that is hard to navigate. Firms that have not updated their website in years are discovering that a fresh, streamlined approach increases brand recognition that naturally generates more leads. Mobile-friendly websites also make it easy for potential candidates to access the website while they are on-the-go, and everyone knows that the top talent appreciates a firm that recognizes the importance of promoting productivity.

Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have all changed the way that recruiters and candidates interact. Now, the hunted and the hunters can all meet in the same social arena. Recruitment firms can scope out the best talent by performing searches on LinkedIn while also attracting potential leads with shareable posts on Twitter and Facebook. A strong profile across all of the social media channels will also reinforce a recruiting firm’s brand while establishing leadership in the field. It is important to note, however, that social media marketing is a tricky field. If a firm shoots out too many posts that lack relevance, then they can turn off potential leads by appearing spammy. However, fresh, well-timed updates will keep prospective candidates engaged and interested in what the firm has to offer.

Relevant Blog Posts

When prospective candidates visit a firm’s website, they are looking for information. Sure, they will spend some time searching for potential jobs, yet many are also seeking advice on how to leverage their talents to obtain a position that will bolster their career. Company blogs provide a place for recruiting firms to educate their leads while establishing themselves as an authority regarding career development. To be effective, blog posts should have eye-catching titles and be formatted to enhance readability. Online search engines also give preference to blogs that are frequently updated on a weekly to monthly basis and filled with unique content. Once a prospective candidate gets hooked by an informative blog, they will be more likely to continue perusing other areas of the website.

When it comes to online lead generation techniques, there are multiple methods that recruiting companies can use. However, out of all of the techniques, it must be mentioned that interlinking them all will give the highest level of results. For example, an updated blog post may be announced on social media, or an internal link can be used to direct an interested candidate to a new area of the website. By ensuring that all online strategies work seamlessly together, recruiting firms can maximize the Internet as a resource to reel in quality leads.