Entrepreneur’s Tools To Grow An Online Presence

internet marketingBuilding a strong brand and presence on the internet is crucial for most businesses. However, achieving it is easier said than done. There is a dizzying array of social media platforms, applications, tools, techniques, and resources for creating and executing an excellent digital strategy. But, large businesses which utilize these online platforms and resources usually have a huge team of experts working for them. This is something that a startup or small business owner can hardly afford. That is why there are a host of internet marketing tools to make the different aspects of online campaign management a breeze.


More and more social media platforms are cropping up with each passing day. For entrepreneurs, every social environment where their target audience has a presence is an opportunity for brand building and spreading product awareness. Creating exciting and engaging content on each of these platforms is important for attracting your target audience. Buffer integrates a variety of social platforms seamlessly to give you complete control of your social media strategy and to make sure that no significant platform is neglected.

Hootsuite Pro

Hootsuite Pro is another excellent social media tool. It serves the same purpose as Buffer and is as efficient and amazing as that tool. By using tools like Hootsuite Pro, entrepreneurs can schedule their social media content posting in such a way that their pages are always active even on the weekends. Both Buffer and Hootsuite Pro are great tools and it is only up to the user’s preference to choose one over the other.


You have created a great digital strategy. You are sending digital ads, spreading messages on social media, and what not. But where are you leading your audience? Many small businesses make the mistake of simply directing the audience to their website’s home page or product page but that alone is a recipe for disaster. Landing pages, where the audience comes after they click on an ad or a link on social media, should be exciting, indulging, and should make use of powerful calls to action to convert the audience into customers. Unbounce makes the process of creating landing pages so easy that entrepreneurs do not even need coding skills in order to create them.

Click to Tweet

The more your online visitors share your content, the more visitors you get. And, the easier it is for them to share the content, the more they will do it. The Click-to-Tweet plugin simplifies the entire process of sharing. It creates tweetable and trackable links which can be shared by your visitors just by clicking on them.


One of the open secrets that make the large companies so great at digital brand building is their ability to indulge their audience in meaningful and interesting conversations. But, how do you know who is talking about you? Mention monitors various media and will alert you whenever someone is talking about you on any platform. You can seize such opportunities to reply to the person talking about you and/or to address their issues. This way, they feel that they are being heard which is always the mark of a responsible business. Not only the person you respond to, but other people who see your response, will develop positive emotions regarding your business.