How to Create a Winning Social Media Marketing Campaign

Any company that wants to succeed in the highly competitive and heavily connected marketplace today, should have a social media campaign in place. However, a bad social media marketing campaign can do more harm than good. Earlier, even big brands used to take social media campaigns as an open house for marketers where they can say anything and get away with it. But, with changing times, the importance of social media has increased manifold. It has slowly taken over as the direct mode of communication between a consumer and the company. Therefore, it is important to be informed about what constitutes a winning social media marketing campaign so that you can give better direction to your efforts and can win over your customers.

Determine the objective

This is actually a thumb rule before you devise a strategy for anything. Constructing a social media marketing campaign is no exception. Before starting the campaign, you should be absolutely clear on the objective for running the campaign. Do you want to change how your brand is perceived? Is there a need to increase the traffic to your website? Are you looking to introduce a product or make an existing product more visible? Or do you want to be a successful worker in your marketing job? These are some of the many questions that you can ask yourself before you even think about moving forward with a campaign.

Set the foundation right

Now that you know what your goal is, you should be ready to set the boundaries of your plan. This will let you know what you can and cannot do. This is the research phase, where you take stock of your existing social media strategy, your existing brand image, your existing followers’ likes and dislikes and what are the strategies followed by the competition. This will give you a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. This step will help you save a lot of time, energy, and money that you would otherwise dedicate to this marketing campaign. A well-developed and successful plan is not unnecessarily expensive. On the contrary, it is more efficient and judicious.

Pick your battlegrounds

It will serve you well to not dive blindfolded into the social media ocean. While developing a social media marketing plan, the most common mistake that companies make is pouring messages across all the possible social media platforms. This is the obvious sign of a bad campaign. When you are clear on the message you want to send out and the boundaries in which you are working, you should also be clear on the platform you are going to use. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social platform is specifically designed to share a typical kind of message. They are all unique. So, you should pick the platform that suits you the best and then drive your message home.


A feedback loop is a must for an on-going process like marketing. You should have a metric in place beforehand to check whether you have succeeded in your goals or not. In either case, you should be very clear about the reasons behind the final results. This kind of learning will help you create better and more effective social media marketing campaigns in the future, hence become successful in your chosen career.