6 Simple Tips For Improving Web Design

If you are a web designer and you’re concerned about the effectiveness of your web design, then continue reading. The truth is, no matter how much of a great designer you are, there is always room for improvement. This is especially true when you are designing a website for a company, business, or another client. The aim of the website should be to get more traffic, get people to understand quickly what the website/company is about, easily navigate the site and stay on the site. Therefore, in this article, we will be covering 6 simple tips that will improve your web design.

Mobile friendly responsive-web-design

The first tip is that if your site is not mobile optimized, you need to optimize it as soon as possible. In April 2015, Google rolled out it’s mobile optimization algorithm that only allows websites that have been optimized for mobile phones to rank highly in search engines. Therefore, if your site isn’t mobile optimized, your site will be penalized. This will lead to less SEO traffic, which has to be avoided. Also, most people use the internet on their smartphones every day and if you site isn’t optimized for viewing on mobile devices, you will lose your business.

Simple is beautiful

When designing a website, you need to pay attention to the color scheme and never be afraid of white space. Many designers think that they need to colorize and create artwork to cover the entire web page. This isn’t true and too much design can confuse a web visitor, causing them to click away.

Easy navigation

A clear and simple website navigation is also very important in a good website design. Breadcrumbs are one of the best ways to create an easy and familiar navigation that will help users to move easily around your website. Also, you should make sure that any links are properly colored to contrast against the color of your background. Unfortunately, many designers still make this mistake and you should also make previously clicked links into a deeper shade of the same color for easy recognition.

Be social

Social buttons and share links are also very important especially now and for the future. Social networks are still growing and will only continue to expand in 2016 onward. So, make sure that you place strategic social buttons and share links throughout the website for users to quickly share the website’s content

Add relevant images

Images are also extremely important in good web design and you should always usmodern-web-designe high-quality relevant images. This can be costly, but your users will respond more positively to your site. Also, make sure to incorporate video and infographics throughout the site to engage website visitors and this will also score the site some points with Google, which will reward it with higher rankings.

Optimized for search engine

Lastly, make sure that your entire site is properly SEO optimized even if you are planning on doing paid advertising. This means that you will need to do both On-page and off-page optimization so that the website naturally ranks higher in search engines and gets more traffic. When it comes to on-page SEO, you will need to create a keyword blueprint where each page of your site has the targeted keyword with decent search volume and low to medium competition. Then, when building out each page, you simply incorporate that keyword and similar keywords throughout the page.

As a recap, we have just looked at 6 simple tips to improve your web design. Once you follow these guidelines, your website will be not only attractive, but also user-friendly and do well in the search engines.

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